my name??..

Its Senguttuvan Mahalingam.. My colleagues call me Lingam and my friends call me Rms.. As long as you can pronounce and comfortable, you can call me by any name that you prefer.

where am I from ??..

As per my passport details, I'm from India.. I have worked for sometime in France and America.. Currently, working in United Arab Emirates. 

what am i qualified to do ??..

My college record says that i hold a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. But, in my opinion, certificates has nothing to do with real talent and passion. 

my passion ??..

Be it work or personal life, I am always addicted to try new things.. I have been in Automobile design sector, HVAC design , Construction design , Web/Software development, Product sales and so many others.. I always try to be the best of where ever I am. 

am i a busy person ??.. 

You bet !!!. Most of the time, I'm either busy sleeping or watching movies..  Some times, the student inside me wakes up and I start learning some random things. Thats how I learnt web development, software development, Ansys, Pro-E, Catia, Solidworks, Solid Edge, Uni Graphics, Revit... 

It usually happens when i have run out of any new movies or not feeling sleepy.